Abandoned plastic school in Poznań, Malta

A unique gem among the Area abandoned places. Due to the location. ease of access, and, above all, climate. Currently located in complete shambles buildings were once Higher School of applied arts “Schola Posnaniensis” (The HIGHER SCHOOL). The school was briefly, It was created in the year 1993 and acted only to April 2006 When financial reasons, announced bankruptcy. Having studied at the school of law 300 people on the 4 directions, It had the right to pursue graduate level classes.

In an abandoned school was left practically all equipment. In the basement you can find complete equipment computer lab, It is true that not working and devastated but were so both monitors, computers, the keyboard and everything that might be in the running computer lab. In the abandoned classrooms were in turn the work of students, drawings, images, sculpture, fabric.

At the time of my first trip to this place in June 2008 of the year It seemed almost untouched. In the halls of permanent tables, on the tables you can admire the works of students. There were paintings on the easel, cloth on looms. Two years later, the school was already a ruin and resemble a rather large pile of debris. In the basement and on the lowest floors, I found only a heap of debris. There's nothing left there, computer hardware. Left work students were destroyed. On the upper floors also seen vandal. The sculptures were had been broken into,, drawings destroyed, Easel broken or burned. The worst was the last floor where a fire broke out. With pietra virtually nothing left. The place where during the first visit is weaving workshops are now one big pogorzeliskiem. As you can see the distribution progresses very quickly.

An amazing atmosphere of the place attracted unfortunately not only enthusiasts of the exploration of the abandoned places but vandals. In 2009 school fire explosion, that destroyed a significant majority of the roof and third floor. All indications are, the fire was not a coincidence.

In connection with the building of the niszczejącym from year to year, and a very attractive location appear constantly ideas on how to develop the area. Planning buildings seem unreal, however, due to the specific layout of the rooms in the school. Many of them are very high owing to the nature of the carried out activities there. They were in it for example, a huge sale to create tapestries. And these very hard to rebuild.

Abandoned school due to the unique climate, great lighting conditions and the isolation seems to be perfect for an outdoor area photographers. Funny it seems like the fact, that the buildings, which of the assumptions have had to serve the art and education of future artists, in its second life again became an ideal place for the development of this dziadziny art that is, Creative Commons.


At the end as a curiosity I put a photo taken during my last visit in an abandoned school in Malta. Photo taken on the last floor of the offside. His main motive is not true, abandoned school but it used one of its components ;)


Photo Gallery of June 2008 and July 2010 of the year

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