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The so-called standard tourism reaching to the capital of France, Paris expects to see this beautiful city in its full glory in the glare of the Sun. He admires bathed in Sun sights from the top of the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe terrace, If the stairs Sacre Coeur.

However, few tourists are aware of this, that Paris is, in principle, two cities. Which we all know and the second, that lies beneath the surface of the Earth and that you can only admire in the glow of a flashlight. Which of them is more beautiful, which one is more interesting? It all depends on what you are looking for…

The Catacombs Of Paris

About the Paris catacombs is such and exciting media, that was already a lot of sites dealing with this subject. Myths and legends of the groups organizing the legendary orgies in the basement of a Paris, a black mass is gold the Nazis actually belong to the standard. Use of slogans like illegal seems a prerequisite when taken about the underground city. How much is truth in these stories and how much artificial media rozdmuchiwanego gibberish, I do not know.

In the year 2008 I had the opportunity to visit the catacombs of Paris. Of course, illegally ;) Attracted by the climate and what I saw there, I started to read and explore their story. Below I will try to bring it to you and describe you how to look like my first time with an underground Paris.

What are the catacombs of Paris, and where it took?

The Catacombs of Paris consists of a true underground maze of corridors with a total length of hundreds of miles and occupying an area of about 770 hectares. The catacombs of history starts from the time of the Roman Empire. For the purposes of the sprawling city in the surrounding area (and more specifically in the vicinity of today's 14th district) formed of limestone mines. Many of the buildings of Paris was built of stone in dobywanego of these quarries. The most famous is undoubtedly the Notre Dame. Over time, the limestone resources began to shrink and the city has grown to a giant like for those times the size of the. Tunnels originally used miners began to be used as a sort of graveyard. Underground tunnels were also living. For centuries protected themselves here villains but also for example, Parisian resistance movement during the second world war.

Catacombs of Paris can be explored without restrictions to 1995 of the year. Labyrinth of underground passages attracted crowds eager for urban adventures eksplorerów and so-called. “katas”, for the catacombs, Rock-filled chambers, they settled in the tombs of the great balangi.

Prohibition of access to the underground tunnels and harsh penalty imposed by the authorities of the city did not odstraszyły the biggest fanatics. I think, that on the contrary, added the thrill. The specific climate of the underworld, their story, Legend has it that for years had accumulated around seem to work so strongly, that no formal prohibitions, nothing here will not help.

“Legal” The catacombs

There is of course a way to legally visit the catacombs of Paris and even if their part of the specially prepared for tourists. Just go to the left bank of the river Seine, Denfert-Rochereau square. Here is inconspicuous from the outside the Museum of the catacombs. But the queue of tourists, the entrance you could easily miss. The Museum you descend the stairs nearly twenty feet down. Inside await us photos, historical information in English and in French, illustrations showing a nineteenth century tours to the catacombs and entire families walking after dark corridors in the light of the torch – all this is definitely more moody than a room, in which we are. The tour covers almost 2 km. Following her waiting for us passage through the empty corridors of stone wetlands, from time to time with information on the year of their creation.

Interesting include the chance to see nicely carved from wood in the stone miniature model prison Port Mahon on the Island and a few other structures left by 18th-century quarry workers. Worked on organizing and strengthening the corridor of former mine, and after hours were left in the basement of building your dream town in plaster.

Another attraction worth mentioning are the halls filled with human remains. They have been zwiezione here at the end of the 18th century, When ordering the underworld of Paris. The transfer of corpses to the catacombs was supposed to be a way to deal with the threat of an epidemic. Paris cemeteries were seriously overcrowded and getting worse they deal with the burial of the new autopsy. Living near the population was exposed to a fatal disease spreading from the shallow mass graves. Then came the idea of a bridge inside the city of cemeteries and the remains of the empty quarries.

Over the next few decades zwożono the remains of piling them into groups according to the cemetery from which it came and the year carry. It is estimated, that to 1860 He went there about 6 millions of skeletons from Paris and the surrounding area.

Perhaps mindful of the appropriate level of attractiveness of human remains in the poukładano Museum, creative designs and mosaics. Go through a specially built for visitors to the catacombs and tombs – The Crypt Of The Passion Of Christ, Rotunda Tibia, Gilbert's Tomb.

Museum Museum, prepared specifically for advertising that has a total little in common with the catacombs. Ideal for tourists, who have no desire to paddle on the ankle or waist in water and squeeze past stacks of them by ropes. For real fans, however, kind of like licking a lollipop by the glass.

Parisian Catacombs in literature and cinema.

Nimbus of mystery surrounding the Paris catacombs work on people for centuries. For this reason, it has been used in literature and cinema. In the catacombs the action “Les Misérables” place Victor Hugo. He lived in them, Erik, the famous Phantom of the Opera or the Parisian vampires from the novel by Anne Rice. I recently tried to use Pink Parisian Catacombs in horrorye “The Catacombs”.

My trip to the catacombs.

At this point you will try to bring my own journey into the depths of the Paris catacombs. Fortunately, we had a local “Guide”, a member of one of the groups is fascinating underground Parisian life, with the fervor of the great corridors discovered another paints the map at home and that each of the changes which occurred in the underground structure.

It is known, real tough to not walk Museum, prefer rather old and nieodwiedzane Museum cellars. So I decided to check out what's in the basement of the Parisian squeaks….

In may 2008 year for the opportunity to go to Paris, a colleague from the had contact to a local fanatic catacombs, so everything seemed perfectly.

I'll skip the issue of any seats, We visited along the way, You can read about them in other articles (for example,. abandoned granary near Paris, abandoned factory in Paris, abandoned printing house in Belgium). We were in Paris.

From our “Guide” We got a fairly general tips, bring something to eat, something to drink, flashlight, best waterproof bag, We leave about 18, We leave in the morning. Be with us the local team (4 the person), and no point of collection. Pretty vague but what more do you need.

Into the darkness.

I apologize in advance, that I do not remember any names of streets or neighborhoods. We were on our feet over and over again in the morning and our level of perception came down to this, that you need to take photos and not to get lost ;)

Place the collection turned out to be a Mac-Donald or other fast food at a fairly busy street. We were expecting a more secluded place, us quite surprised. Followed the passage in both directions people looking at the exhibition, talking, as usual. We waited on the contact, just like in the matrix. It turned out, really looking forward to one of the local, that for several days “lives” in the catacombs and has let us, studzienką sewage that is exactly in the middle of the pedestrian zone, whom we have looked at. We waited just until it treats so close to the surface to catch Ken, Let us know and open from the inside hatch. Finally, we were finally. Fast step, at intervals from each other and so we followed toward the hatch after the first signal, We are overturned and subsequently started to delve into the dark odchłań. The most interesting were the reactions of us passing pedestrians – It was not their. No one paid attention to us. Our “Guide” asked what it is commented only, that Paris is so many freaks, that the people gotten used. The only reason you should remain vigilant and hurry to police. Once you have znikaliśmy into the ground from the window of a passing car street someone yelled (with a laugh at the mouth): “do not go there, die!” of course in French, What to translate our “Guide”.

Entrance from ground level lead straight down some 10 FT. After you went down a vertical ladder we ended up in the tunnel. A fairly low (some 160-170 cm) which, as it turned out after an hour is quite burdensome for equitable growth. You must move all the time related to the, the backpack can not be put on the back because it szoruje after the vault.

The first stop was a large spacious room with a well in the corner of the. The room in one of the corridors, there were stairs up, on “height” the second floor was metal stairway by. local information for post office located on us.





After a momentary rest and pstryknięciu a few pics we headed his way. After some time, It is difficult to estimate the extent to which because no one had somehow want to glance at the clock we got to the next stop. It was carved in a wall niche, with an area of some 6 square meters. We met there, another local team and a small website? nasiadówka what gave us the opportunity to explore the area. Help turned out to be abandoned bike ;)

Katakumby Paryża galeria zdjęćKatakumby Paryża galeria zdjęćKatakumby Paryża galeria zdjęć




From time to time we have faced signs with street names. Apparently the match the streets needed in on us. In one of the corridors we found also remnants of the generator, however, we were unable to determine its origin or destination.

Katakumby Paryża galeria zdjęćKatakumby Paryża galeria zdjęćKatakumby Paryża galeria zdjęć




Katakumby Paryża galeria zdjęć

Traveling underground tunnels should not be neither easy nor pleasant. In tunnels with a total darkness. A lot of tunnels connects with each other, leave one side branches that form a sizable maze. If someone does not have a map or do not know well their deployment quite easily can lose orientation. Sometimes the transitions are so with smaller size, that can be easily overlooked. It is not difficult to imagine what would have happened at the moment when we most batteries in the Lantern… many of the corridors is flooded with water and I do not mean the water after an ankle or knee. The most extreme place that I was to go down to the level of water flooded the corridor was the neck. Barely have enough space to keep the Backpack on the shoulder so as not to zamókł the photo equipment. There are also places where passage is only possible on a Pike… After the entry into the tunnel does not have enough space to put the hands along the trunk… You can feel how they feel earthworms roving pełzakowato traffic-smooth… :) Despite all the experience that offers a journey in the underworld are so exciting, that's probably worth every sacrifice.

In one of the corridors had a chance to encounter on a freshly built wall. With local stories, we learned, in Parisian catacombs is still a kind of war with their fans and the city authorities. from time to time some of the corridors are zamurowywane and some ropes zaspawywane. Therefore so important is knowledge of the topography of tunnels. It happens because, that you need to look for alternative.

After parking, we left in his way. We had the opportunity to visit a few places of interest. One more commendable was that which was in fact discovered by local. Systematically place is filled up and which odkopywali a, receiving katakumbom and the history of the following meters zasypanego used to be the room.

We finished our trip in the early morning the next day emerging from a manhole in the center of the city.


Day 2

katakumby_pod_paryzem_galeria2__mg_0797On the second day, we made our way to another part of the catacombs, called network GRS. The entrance to this section was an abandoned subway stations. was it just carved in the wall opening leading to a network of tunnels. In addition to the standard tunnels we found there a few other interesting objects. Some of them are probably the result of good humour of previous explorers, as the cornerstone in a mannequin or other such as plaque commemorating lost in the catacombs person or a miniature Castle carry with them probably a deeper story.





With the second expedition to the aching back came still wet feet… The water level in the corridors of “to half calf” rose to above the waist… and at some point I just realized that my backpack starts to be prone to flooding in the Middle I had a camera… exploration of the corridor ended in retreat :)

Unfortunately, images then I did not, sufficient concern for me was how not to wet the backpack so in addition, camera in hand would probably not be a good idea :)


Katakumby Paryża galeria zdjęć

And, finally, I invite you to watch the film shot by a completely different team in place, which have also been. As for me, the extreme and the essence of the exploration of the underground tunnels. I don't envy anyone who gets stuck in a place. The only help you can use rope and pulling or legs or behind the neck.

In the video you can see the place giving the most fun when you explore the catacombs, narrow tunnels through which we had to squeeze past stacks of time backpackers. The place was so little that they should have been in front of me wearing a rucksack push covering the same view in the front. Places a corridor was so tight, that by going for it on the so-called. “Pike” There was no place to rely on hands or translate them along the body, and the only way to move forward was repulsion of like feet with hands outstretched in front of you.

Here the whole story. An unforgettable experience, memories for a long time and irresistible desire to go back there. All who know anything more about the catacombs, who

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