Contest Rules



  1. The competition is held under the name of "URB-EX Fan" and is hereinafter referred to as: “Competition”.
  2. The organizer of the competition is the site owner, Kevin Palicki Has.
  3. Competition will be carried out exclusively on the Internet, on the side of the called the “Party” and Facebook profile-this page hereinafter referred to as “Funpagem”
  4. Competition will be carried out on 18 may 2015 – 31 December 2015
  5. The contest will consist of successive edits, each of which will be completed by the emergence of the winners.
  6. The start and end dates for the next edition, and the detailed terms and conditions of the next edition will be published on the site and Funpage'u


  1. The Participant Of The Contest ("Participant") can be any natural person, which:
    (a)) He has full legal capacity, and is a fan of our Funpage ’ u. Person limited in legal capacity shall take part in the competition, with the consent of their legal representative or guardian. By Fan means the person, that clicked "like" on the company profile Infotower sp. o.. and thus gained the status of the Fan;
    (b)) It is not an employee of Infotower sp. z o.o.;
    (c)) is not a member of the worker's family Infotower sp. o.. .
  2. Condition for participation in the contest is the total fulfillment of the following conditions:
    (a)) a person taking part in the competition must have Member status in accordance with the 2.1


  1. In each edition of the competition will be announced prizes for the winners of each edition.
  2. The awards are derived from its own resources the Organizer.
  3. Conditions for the win Edition of the competition will be announced along with information about the start of the next edition.
  4. In order to ensure the proper organization of the competition, The organizer shall appoint the selection board. Any doubts regarding the rules of the contest, interpretation and the provisions of these terms and conditions shall give the Organizer.
  5. Winner will be notified of winning at the farthest 5 (five) business days of the end of the Edition. How to notify the winner will be determined individually for each edition.
  6. For the transfer of the prize winners will be the organizer of the.


  1. Condition for participation in the competition is by the contest participant of real personal data, i.e..: the name, the names of the, email account address, tel number. contact necessary for transfer of awards.
  2. By entering the contest and accepting these terms and conditions You consent to the processing of personal data by the given by the Organizer. Data will be processed for the purpose of carrying out the contest and in connection with the issuance of awards.


The organizer has the right to change the provisions of these terms and, If this will not affect the deterioration of the conditions of participation in the contest. This applies in particular to changes in terms of individual steps of the competition. Amended rules apply since the publication of it on the page

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