Azure Information Protection Academy

Azure Information Protection Academy

Azure Information Protection Academy is a compendium of knowledge that lets you learn about this service from scratch. In the next stages you will learn the basics of implementation and advanced configuration mechanisms.

The Azure Information Protection Academy is an idea to gather all the information on this page about AiP. They will be arranged in terms of sophistication and the order in which the user should read them.

As you go through the articles, you will gradually get to know the service. From the basics of its operation, so that you understand better how it can help your organization protect information, to advanced configuration methods, so that you can adapt it to the expectations of users and ensure the maximum level of information protection.

Information on the blog and the Academy are published successively. If there is no answer here for topics that interest you – send it to me.

Basics Of Azure Information Protection

Implementing Azure Information Protection

Azure Information Protection Advance Configuration

There is no information here yet. Wait patiently, they will appear soon.

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