Azure Information Protection – preparing for implementation

Azure Information Protection Unified Labeling is a new solution developed by Microsoft. We are no longer considering implementing AiP on the old platform.

Check if your Tenant is on a unified labeling platform (unified labeling platform)

To check the status, in “Azure portal”, go to  Azure Information Protection > Manage > Unified labeling, and check status Unified labeling:

  • if status is set to Activated, your tenant is already on the unified plaform
  • if status is set to Not activated, your tenant is not on a unified platforme.

Check which client version you have installed

To support the new labeling version, you must have the new Azure Information Protection Unified Labeling client installed. How to check which client you have installed?

  • Using File Explorer, select the file, files or folder, right-click it and select an option Classify and protect, and then select an option Help and feedback.
  • From an Office application: on the button Protection (classic client) or button sensivity (unified labeling client) select Help and feedback.

The displayed version number will let you know which client you have installed on the system:

  • In version 1, for example, identifies the Azure Information Protection client (old version)
  • In version 2, for example, identifies unified labeling client