OneDrive – news (Ignite 2019)

OneDrive for Business is the basic tool for archiving and sharing data of every Microsoft technology lover. it cannot be hidden, however, that some of the functionalities did not fully meet the user’s expectations. Often, they have also disqualified this solution from business applications.

At the Ignite 2019 conference, Microsoft announced a list of improvements that will be introduced to the OneDrive for Business application.

So, what are the most important changes in OneDrive for Business?

Transferring and synchronizing large files (up to 100GB)

Microsoft introduces file support up to 100GB. When making changes to a file, the entire file will not be synchronized (so far), but only the changes made.

The implementation of differential synchronization for PCs and Macs will allow you to synchronize only part of the file that has changed, not the entire file as it has been so far.

Differential sync is now available for Office file types and is implemented in most file types such as JPEG, PDF, MOV, MP4 etc.

According to Microsoft365 Roadmap, this functionality should be available in February 2020.

In OneDrive for Business there will be functionality known from SharePoint or Delve. The recommended view will show files based on what work with them looked like.

The algorithm will take into account actions such as a recent edition made by a colleague, comments or @wmianki.

Smart file cards

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced an update of the file card. Features such as Interior design and Highlights have been introduced.

At the conference, it was announced that an additional update of the Conversations card file will be coming soon

When you hover your mouse over files shared by email, meeting invitations, or private conversations at Teams, you’ll see these conversations.

Consistent file sharing and collaboration in Office 365

The possibility of sharing files directly in Microsoft Teams and Web Outlook applications has been announced. You’ll be able to customize sharing options directly from the application.

The operating principle in the Outlook application is presented in the video below.

Functionality in Teams presents the video below:

Tasks in Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Soon, Tasks will appear in Word, Excel and PowerPoint to help you assign responsibilities to your colleagues. Similarly to the tasks from Office365, you will be able to solve them when finished. In addition to assigning the task, you will be able to reassign it and track any changes made to the task in the comment thread using the built-in history.

Backup of folders on a PC with OneNote and volume support outside of OneDrive folder

In addition to the known functionality for backing up Windows folders (Desktop, Documents and Pictures) known as Known Folders, Microsoft has announced support for moving multiple volumes located outside the OneDrive folder.

This will allow you to back up important folders, even if they are on a different volume than the OneDrive folder.

Users of local OneNote notebooks will also be able to automatically create OneNote backups as part of moving PC folder backups.