SharePoint Provisioning, Powershell Online or SharePoint PnP

Interesting informationsWhich module should be used in SharePoint Provisioning?

SharePoint PowerShell Provisioning. Which of the available PowerShell modules should you choose for SharePoint provisioning? In fact, you can use two sets of commands. SharePoint Online Management Shell and SharePoint PnP?

SharePoint Online Management Shell is Microsoft’s solution, however, has many limitations. SharePoint PnP is an open source project, but its possibilities are much greater. The decision is yours as usual.

SharePoint Online Management Shell

This is a standard set of commands. Developed and supported by Microsoft. Its basic shortcomings include a definitely smaller set of options, which means that its possibilities end very quickly.

A detailed description can be found here:

SharePoint PnP

It is an open-source library that allows access to both SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-Premice.

  • SharePoint PnP has a richer set of options compared to the corresponding SPO commands
  • It is updated frequently
  • It works in the context of the currently logged in user as opposed to SOP, which works with tenant Administrator privileges
  • Connects to a specific collection of sites where SOP works at the tenant level.

A detailed description can be found here:

Later we will use the SharePoint PnP Library


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