Storage quota for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

Storage Quota For Microsoft Teams And SharePoint. I often come across questions about how much disk space you can use as part of Teams and how it relates to the space available for SharePoint. And the second question immediately arises: What is the space limit for SharePoint. It turns out that for many users this is not an obvious topic.

Let’s explain it from scratch.

SharePoint Disk Space Limit

For Office 365 Business Essentials, Business Premium, Enterprise E1, E3 and E5 licenses, the available storage space for SharePoint Online is:

1TB plus 10GB for each license

The limit for Office 365 Enterprise F3 is 1TB

This is a common limit for all site collections within the entire tenant.

The maximum size limit for a single site is 25TB. This is the maximum space that can be occupied by one site (previously called site collection). This is a technical limitation, independent of the space available under the license.

You can check the amount of space currently in use and the total available space by logging in to the SharePoint administration panel in the Active Sites tab in the upper right corner

Teams Disk Space Limit

The answer is surprisingly simple. A dedicated site is created for each Teams team and the same restrictions apply as for other SharePoint sites.